ILL Services

What is ILL Service?

ILL Service is the provision of information sources not available in the Library collection from other institutions in accordance with the lending rules of these institutions. Responsibilities of users;

  • Readers who wish to benefit from this service must be members of our (academic) university library. User then searches the library catalog of the library to request information about the status of the book.
  • If the book is to be borrowed, a request is made to the librarian responsible for ILL. When the book to be borrowed arrives at the library, information about when and where it will be received is communicated by phone or e-mail to the requesting reader by the responsible librarian.
  • The period of borrowing, the maximum number of books that can be borrowed, and the number of times it can be extended depends on the policy of the library to be borrowed.
  • These procedures are valid for university libraries located outside Ankara. In order to benefit from university libraries in Ankara, they must come to the library, fill in the interlibrary loan form and go to the library they request.
  • Periodicals, rare works, short-term borrowed books and reference materials and audiovisual materials are not borrowed. Shipping costs and criminal responsibility belong to the reader.

For Users Who Want to Benefit from Başkent University Library

  • ANKOS member libraries make loan requests through KİTS (Interlibrary Collaboration Tracking System). Libraries that are not ANKOS members can borrow books by completing the ILL Book Request Form.
  • Borrowed books are sent to the requesting library by cargo and returns must be made by cargo. All expenses related to the cargo belong to the requesting library.
  • Before making a request, the Library Catalog must be checked to ensure that the book is in our collection and is available for borrowing.
  • Up to 5 books for a user are given to the libraries of universities and research institutions for 30 days. The period of borrowed books is not extended except in special cases. Late return books will be subject to a fine of 25 Kr per day.
  • If the library that wishes to borrow books has a delayed book in its account, new requests from that library will not be processed. If the return of one of the books appearing in the account of the said library is delayed by more than 20 days, the library is not lent to the library for 1 semester.
  • The requesting library is responsible for any damages, late returns and losses (including loss of cargo) that may arise during the use of the books.

User Services Unit

Staff Name and Surname Job Description Telephone E-Mail
Aylin Özkan User Services Specialist 03122466666/3051
Bülent Kılıç User Services Officer 03122466666/3052 -
Zahide Kemaloğlu User Services Officer 03122466666/3052 -
Mehtap Çırlak User Services Officer 03122466666/3052 -