Baskent University Library Periodicals Catalog, located periodicals collection has to offer in a particular order, to inform other university libraries in Turkey and is prepared to assist researchers. In this catalog, the library is subscribed to a certain year and then ended the subscription with the publications and donations to the library through the periodicals and discontinued periodicals, the researchers will be useful in the thought, is included in the library to our students who want to benefit from this service is required.

Baskent University Library Periodicals Catalog 2021

Periodicals Unit

Staff Name and Surname Job Description Telephone E-Mail
Nihan Girgin Periodicals Responsible 03122466666/3061
Yılmaz Dilek Periodicals Officier 03122466666/3061 -
Pınar Demirel Periodicals Officier 03122466666/3058 -