About Our Library

General Information

Our university library is an information center that works in the first degree in the realization of education, training and research activities and tries to collect the necessary information and information resources within the body and make it available to the users. Our library has an area of ​​12.500 m2 and a seating capacity of 1627 people. It is the largest foundation university library in Turkey in terms of area. It has 77 terminals where our users can search and search catalogs. It also has personal study frames (2nd floor) and group study rooms (1st floor). At the entrance of our library there is a study hall which is open 24/7 and where our users can study. -one. The Visually Impaired Room, which is designed for visually impaired users, has special equipment and equipment. The Music-Art Room, which consists of music and art collections, and the Audiovisual Hall, which includes audiovisual resources with 13 terminals, are again -1. are on the floor. Private collections of valuable persons and authors are also on this floor and all our users can benefit.

On the ground floor there is a lending unit, catalog scanning computers, reference collection, reserve resources, Electronic Resources Scanning Hall and A-H collection. On the first floor there are J-Z collection, thesis room and catalog scanning computers. On the second floor is the Periodicals Unit, where scientific, current, magazine magazines and daily newspapers are located. There are also reading and study areas on all floors. A foyer area and a cafeteria are also available. SirsiDynix Symphony Integrated Automation System is used in international standards. The classification of the books in our library is based on the Library of Congress classification system; Medical books are made according to the National Library of Medicine classification system. Anglo American Cataloging Rules II is used for the cataloging of all books. Our library is also a member of organizations such as ANKOS, EKUAL and TO-KAT.

Online catalogs or electronic resources can be searched from the library web page by connecting to the internet. Subscriber, trial and open access databases are easily accessible through our library. All these services are available off-campus (proxy). Wireless network is available on all floors and internet access is available from all points. The library website and online catalog can be accessed from smart devices. Users of Başkent University can borrow materials from the library provided that they are members. In order to become a member, it is necessary to apply to the Lending Unit with the university ID. Within the framework of inter-library cooperation, borrowing and photocopying services are also provided. Aware of the importance of its users in accessing information, Baskent University Library expands its collection every year by adding new materials.

Current Materials Numbers

Number of E-Journal Accessed: 94186

Number of Databeses: 44