Our Collections

On the ground floor there are reference resources, reservations and A-H collection. On the 1st floor there is a J-Z collection and a thesis room. On the second floor there is a collection of scientific, current, periodical magazines and periodicals in daily newspapers.

Visually Impaired Unit

Our visually impaired students can make research by using the internet with the screen reading program. They also benefit from any book in the library with the help of a browser and screen reading program. Users can listen to the audio book cassettes and their own cassettes in this section, take the course notes and textbooks from the printer as Braille using scanners, or the scanned documents are saved to the users' flash disks.

Equipment, Programs and Software Used in the Visually Impaired Hall

  • Window-Eyes screen reading program
  • ZoomText screen magnification program
  • Eye-Pal book and document reader
  • Alva 640 Comfort embossing screen
  • CCTV Clearwiev desktop magnifier
  • IndexBraille Everest-D V4 embossing printer
  • Hot Dot Braille translation program
  • Embossing printer sound and insulation cabinet
  • NVDA voice reading program
  • Balabolka book reading software

Audiovisual Material Unit

Popular and classical cinema / music pieces in the Başkent University Library collection are available in Audiovisual Material Hall. At the same time, these resources are borrowed to users of academic or administrative experts from Başkent University. 13 computers in the Audiovisual Material Hall include DVDs, CDs and so on. Can be used for listening or monitoring. After use, the equipment of the hall should be left to the relevant unit as received.

Music and Art Unit

The music and art collection includes resources on fine arts such as music, painting, architecture, graphic design, photography. Users can take advantage of these resources on site or borrow them. Music notes are also included in this room. Notes can only be borrowed by academic staff and students can make copies by making copies. In the Music Art Room, users are assisted in their research processes; incoming questions and requests are met.

Special Collections

In our private collection, there are books donated by 23 valuable scientists to our library. Only the books in the Nihal Hikmet İlayğin collection cannot be borrowed. All other books in the private collection can be borrowed. In the Private Collection Room, the research processes of the users are supported; incoming questions and requests are met.

Users Who Donate Books to Our Library

Name and Username Job
Prof. Ayhan Okçuoğlu (Çavdar) Medical Doctor
Can Pulak Writer
Dilek-Deniz Kuran Birben Judge
Emin Çölaşan Journalist and Writer
Engin Alan Retired Lieutenant General and Congressman
Prof. Erdoğan Tercan Medical Doctor
Hikmet-Hilal İlaydın Educator, Man of Letters and Writer (Hikmet İlaydın) | Educator and Writer
Prof. Hüsnü Göksel Medical Doctor
İmren Aykut Politician and Academician
Jülide Gülizar Commentator, Announcer, Writer and Educator
Murat Çeliker Politician
Prof. Nasır Özdemir Medical Doctor
Nazım Dündar (Sayılan) Retired Major and Ghazi
Prof. Nevin Ciğerim Nutrition and Dietetics Specialist
Prof. Nevzat Bilgin Medical Doctor
Orhan Tokatlı Journalist and Writer
Adv. Serdar Özersin Lawyer
Şükrü Server Aya Writer
Prof. Türkkaya Ataöv Academician, International Relations Specialist, Journalist and Writer
Adv. Uğur Tasalı Lawyer
Prof. Ünsal Yavuz Academician
Uygur Tazebay Politician
Yekta Güngör Özden Lawyer, Writer, Poet and Politician