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Turkey Document Providing and Barrowing System (TÜBESS)

Academic and administrative staff working full-time at Başkent University (specialist), through the Interlibrary Loan Service, Turkey Document Providing and Barrowing System (TÜBESS) can benefit from can borrow books and articles with providing services. Accordingly, our readers who wish to benefit from this service must first become members of our library. The service is available to researchers from Başkent University in Ankara.

Turkey Document Providing and Barrowing System (TÜBESS) Request Form

For Book Requests

  • Baskent University academic staff or administrative staff (experts), who want to borrow books from other research institutions, will search the library catalog to request information about the status of the book. When a loan is requested, a request is sent to the librarian responsible for TÜBESS.
  • When the requested book arrives at the library, information about when and where it will be delivered is sent to the requesting user by the responsible librarian. The period of borrowing, the maximum number of books that can be borrowed and the number of times that the loan can be extended may vary depending on the policy of the library to be borrowed.
  • Periodicals, rare works, short-term borrowed books, reference sources and audiovisual materials are not borrowed. Shipping costs and criminal responsibility belong to the user.

For Thesis Requests

  • Higher Education Council, the National Thesis Center Archives does not have permission to publish digitally in the oldest (pre-2006) of approximately 150 thousand theses, TÜBITAK being operated by ULAKBİM Provisioning Turkey Document Providing and Barrowing System (TÜBESS) offers out of use.
  • Higher Education Thesis Center produced the full text of dissertations in different universities deductible, Turkey Document Providing and Barrowing System (TÜBESS) is provided by means of YÖK.
  • Before making a request, please check whether the thesis you are looking for can be downloaded from YÖK Thesis Center. Just next to the thesis number that cannot be downloaded, "This thesis does not have permission to publish through the database. You can access hard copies of theses without publication permission through your university library (via TÜBESS)." has the phrase. For theses with this phrase, our researchers can request.
  • After your thesis request, which will be entered into TÜBESS system by TÜBESS responsible, is sent by YÖK, information will be sent to the e-mail address you specified in the form and you will be asked to come to Başkent University Library to get the printout of your requested thesis.

Important Note

The dissertation requested through TÜBESS is free of charge and is provided electronically to the TÜBESS officer. Since only the printed format of the thesis will be delivered to the person requesting the thesis in accordance with the article, the fee will be allocated as much as the amount to be calculated over 0,05 TL per page. Our researchers can request maximum 5 theses at a time.

User Services Unit

Staff Name and Surname Job Description Telephone E-Mail
Aylin Özkan User Services Specialist 03122466666/3051

For Article Requests

  • For the articles to be requested, the Periodicals Catalog and databases should be searched on the Baskent University Library web page. As a result of the screening, if the relevant resource is not in the Başkent University Library collection, the TÜBESS Request Form must be completed completely in order to obtain the article from ULAKBİM.
  • Article requests will be sent to the researchers as soon as possible through the Baskent University Library. The number of pages requested for each article, fee, etc. it may vary according to the policy of the library to which the article will be requested.
  • This fee will be collected by the relevant librarian in advance to be transferred to the TÜBESS account from the researcher.
  • When the manuscript reaches the relevant librarian, the necessary information is sent to the requesting user by phone or e-mail.

Periodicals Unit

Staff Name and Surname Job Description Telephone E-Mail
Nihan Girgin Periodicals Specialist 03122466666/3061