Visually Impaired Unit

Our visually impaired students can make research by using the internet with the screen reading program. They also benefit from any book in the library with the help of a browser and screen reading program. Users can listen to the audio book cassettes and their own cassettes in this section, take the course notes and textbooks from the printer as Braille using scanners, or the scanned documents are saved to the users' flash disks.

Equipment, Programs and Software Used in the Visually Impaired Hall

  • Window-Eyes screen reading program
  • ZoomText screen magnification program
  • Eye-Pal book and document reader
  • Alva 640 Comfort embossing screen
  • CCTV Clearwiev desktop magnifier
  • IndexBraille Everest-D V4 embossing printer
  • Hot Dot Braille translation program
  • Embossing printer sound and insulation cabinet
  • NVDA voice reading program
  • Balabolka book reading software