Our Aim

Faculties at the university, college students, faculty and administrative staff education, training, library materials and services necessary to provide for the evaluation of research activities and leisure. Başkent University Library serves the Bağlıca campus. All library operations and services are conducted with the help of computers. Besides, it can scan the library catalog web pages through the Internet.


Academic, administrative staff and students of Baskent University can borrow books from the library. University ID for member registration and should be filed by e-mail. In the absence of ID, a written information from the department chair for University Academic Staff must be brought. Leaving permanent or short-term staff members are obliged to inform the library


*Users are required to be a member to borrow. Members are required to come up with library ID cards. Academic stuff can Borrow 7 books for 15 days, one easy book and 2 CD-disk, 12 books as quarterly, the reserve book 2 (1 or 2 days), DVD, 2 video and audio cassettes for 7 days and 2 bound periodicals, 3 note for 15 days.

*Students can borrow 7 books for 15 days, one easy to book, reserve books may take 1 for 1 day Master's and doctoral students can borrow 10 books for 30 days, books and publications 1 reserve for 1 day and 1 bound periodicals for 15 days.

*Administrative staff can borrow 10 books for 15 days, 1 reserve book (hours or 1 day), 1 floppy disk, compact disc 1, one DVD.

The members can borrow books only by their university identity. Action can not be taken by someone else's card.


*All the material can be borrowed accept reference sources, dissertations, periodicals, within the framework of defined rules outside private collections. Photocopying services are available. Reserve books can be borrowed for a night or a couple hours. Easy Books can be taken one at a time.


*All the material in the collection with the current computer terminals in the library can be scanned. Finds from the computer before the user is searching material, and then find out whether the material on the reader detects the location number. You can then ask for help or contact a librarian himself in open shelves.

*Non-medical books in our library, the Library of Congress, medical books, according to the National Library of Medicine classification system is located in coded shelf. The Library of Congress and the National Library of Medicine classification system information about the hall was hung in the appropriate places. Also referring to official information in this regard can be taken. Short-term training programs to teach library use is also held.


*If the book you deserve is not at the shelf, please reserve it. The books must be booked 3 days, otherwise loaned out to another. Extending the loan period.If requested by another reader brought to book library lending period can be extended. Most can be more than twice extension.


*Subscribed to and from our library through donations, Periodicals, Periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order according to the Hall of Names, including medical and other issues. Periodicals and newspapers can not be borrowed. Desired provided with photocopied journal articles. List of journals in the library "Baskent University Library Catalog of Periodicals" in and can be seen on the internet.


Officers in this unit; taking advantage of the resources in the library to researchers and other knowledge centers provide accurate and quick information. Provide training on the use of reference sources.Makes online databases as literature. Makes online databases as literature. Reference Services helps users who want to scan the unit.Any info requests are answered via phone and email.


*Please leave your valuables in lockers entering the library. When leaving the library asked to hand bags and books will be shown to officials at the control desk.

*It must necessarily be made of the lending process.

*Otherwise, if the excitation of library security system, members of unregistered readers and discipline imposed.

*The books are not returned on the day, will be charged the daily penalty determined by the library. A user delay over a period of 20 books, he not borrow books during the period.

*Lost or damaged library material put in place that must be provided or fails to pay the price.

*Reserve Unit in (short-term lending unit) in case of loss of those books will be added to the current price of 100% of the money transactions.

*Books and loaned material (in case of price given) can not be provided, the reader of that day the Central Bank rate on paying the calculated price by 50% by adding the accumulated value found and the loss up to the date reporting late fees.

*The price can not be determined if the loss of the books in foreign languages $ 80.00 money, in case of a loss of $ 40.00 for the Turkish Central Bank Turkish books of that day and the money is received the value in the exchange.

*Our library does not provide services to external users. Academic users who wish to benefit from the library for research purposes must obtain permission from the rector with the official application and the day and time they want to use the library. If the demands are approved, they can use the library materials. But they can not make barrowing.

*In accordance with the protocol between Ankara, Bilkent and Middle East Technical Universities and our university, academic staff of both universities can be members of the semester and benefit from all library services.





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