Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

ILL requests must be made by ILL librarians only. Full-time staff of the universities and research institutes in Turkey may borrow books and article photocopies from the Baskent University Library through the ILL librarian in their library.

Borrowers' responsibilities:

• Libraries which are members of ANKOS send their loan requests via KİTS (Interlibrary Loan Tracking System). Libraries which are not members of ANKOS send their loan requests by using the ILL Book Request Form.

• ILL librarians should inform Baskent Library about change of duties using "Contact Us" on the KITS web site.

• Information about photocopy fee and payment method can be obtained from Article Supply Service page on the Library's web site.

• Before making an ILL request, please be sure the items you are looking for are available in the library collection.

• Academic and research libraries may borrow a maximum of 5 books at a time for 30 days per reader. • Borrowed books may not be renewed.

• If there are any late books from a particular institution, new requests will not be processed for this institution.

• 25 Kr per day are charged as a fine for each overdue book.. Please send us the bank slip by e-mail. In case an institution has more than 20 TL in its account, this institution may not borrow any books until it pays its fine in full.

• Overdue notices are sent by e-mail by the library automation system automatically. If the library doesn't return the overdue book(s) despite notices, the book(s) will be regarded as lost, and the library may not borrow any more materials until the fine is paid.

• If a book borrowed from Baskent Library is damaged / overdue / lost (including lost in cargo), the responsibility belongs to the library making the ILL request.

• It is obligatory for our users to accept changes in our rules concerning fines and other rules related borrowing.

• Requested books are sent by registered cargo and borrowed books must be returned by registered cargo. The cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the library making the ILL request.




Please call (+90.312)246 66 66 /3051 or send an e-mail for more information.





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